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Parish Centre

The Parish Centre is situated in Bramingham Park.  It enables us to split our services between the village of Streatley and the communities towards the north of Luton.

The centre was built in 2002 and offers an excellent range of facilities which are also available for hire.

It replaces an older wooden, affectionately known as the A-Frame.

Click here to see a map of where the Parish Centre is located.

Hall Hire Charges

The hire charges are as follows:

  • Main Hall (Monday to Friday and Saturdays up to 6:00 pm) - 14 per hour 

  • Kitchen (at all times) - 5 per booking

  • Committee Room (at all times) - 7 per hour

For bookings, please contact:

  • Parish Office (Answerphone)

  • 07500 537 758

  • Click here to send an e-mail to Parish Centre Bookings

Click here to see photographs of the Parish Centre being built.



The Parish Centre



The A-Frame was our original Parish Centre and our main presence outside Streatley.  It was originally used by the builders of the Bramingham estate and was kindly donated to us.

Unfortunately, despite repeated maintenance, the building came to the end of its life and so we commenced fundraising and later built our new centre.

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The A-Frame - our original Parish Centre

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