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Ten To Eight Bible Study for 2012

The Acts of the Apostles


One of the things that we discussed at the PCC away day in the summer (which now in the frosty days of early December feels a long way away) was to introduce a regular Bible Study to St Margaret’s.


I propose to have the first, introductory, session on Thursday 2nd February.  I am trying to set a pattern that church meetings take place on Thursdays, for example as do Compline and PCC meetings and this is the first free Thursday I have in 2012.  We may choose in the future to hold the meetings on either the first or the fourth Thursday of the month and perhaps we can discuss this when we meet.


The book we will study together first is the Book of Acts, which tells of the formation of the early church and continues Luke’s story of the spread of the “Good News” from the tiny village of Nazareth to the centre of the civilised world, Rome itself.

The meeting will be in St Margaret’s starting at ten minutes to eight on 2nd February.

I look forward to seeing many of you there.


With very best wishes,



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